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Planning a summer wedding

Keep Your Guests Cool

Weddings are really a far cry when we talk of the summer season. Usually summer is always connected to warm sunny days, heat and sunbathing and most people hate the idea of baking in the sun, especially when they are in heavy, not so comfy wedding attire. Also you may want to add this great item on your wedding ideas list: put a fan on the seat of each guest so that they have something to keep them fresh while observing your nuptials.

You should consider purchasing a large tent or a gazebo when planning for your summer wedding to make sure you make every effort to make your guests cool from the heat of the summer sun.

Planning a Summer Wedding on a Budget

Don’t feel reluctant when you have to cut costs on your wedding. Lots of people want to be more realistic with wedding expenses nowadays with the concern of spending more money on their future, such as building a new house or their kids’ education funds.

Celebrate your summer wedding in a beautiful and extensive backyard owned by either your close friend or a family relative. You won’t pay for the venue and you could even have some freedom to create your ideas. An extravagant flower garden and water fountain is an advantage and gives that summer feel for your guests same as renting out a professional outdoor venue. Before spending your hard earned money, have a catalog of outdoor wedding ideas to evaluate. Here are a couple of tips when keeping your summer wedding ideas within a certain budget.

Since you are having an outdoor wedding, most likely at a family or friend’s residence, you can further cut costs with food. Instead of catering, get the best cooks in your family together and ask them to cook for your wedding. There is a positive chance that they will be more than happy to do the chore with the only cost to you being the price of the food.

Creative Summer Wedding Ideas

Maybe there are members of the bridal party who love to tan or just generally want to protect their skin from the sun. Instead of providing sun tan lotion for them at the event, buy them all an expensive, quality makeup foundation in their shade that contains sunscreen.

The heat will be one of the problems with some of the guests, while others may jump at the idea to stand outside and possibly get a tan. You could present guests with tanning lotions as an astonishing item with their summer wedding favors. Some might not want to remove their makeup at the wedding, some may get right into the summer wedding theme and lather up. This is possibly a better alternative for the men in attendance who love a good chance to bathe in the sun and get a great tan.

If your loved ones who matter to you most in mind at all times, celebrating your summer wedding really is very awarding and fulfilling


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